A room of her own

2018 San Francisco Decorators Showcase room by Heather Deragon, September Studio.


Inspired by the few moments she has each day to slow down and embrace quietude. A space of balance where she can reflect, set intentions and find serenity in a chaotic world. 

Surrounded by materials that offer warmth and comfort, she’s able to find harmony in the stillness this room provides. Renewing her energy and nourishing her soul, not only for herself but for those around her.

This is the room she calls her own.

All materials have been sourced with intent — with an emphasis on supporting either local, sustainable, or female-owned companies who show mindfulness in their own practice. 


Interior Design by Heather Deragon of September Studio. Photography by Suzanna Scott. 

suzannascottphotography.com | Instagram @suzannascottphoto

Photo credits are required and must include the designer and the photographer.


Andrea Santana | Pillows and Window Covering Fabricator

Anyon Atelier | JFM Machine Studio Tea Light

Apparatus | Ceiling Fixture

ARK Flooring | Flooring Installation

City Picture Frame | Custom Frames

De Sousa Hughes | de Le Cuona Fabric

Di Luzio Inc. | Electrician

Elsie Green | Basket

Elsie Green | Small Glass Vase

Forbes & Lomax | Light Switch and Outlet Plates

General Store | Anyone Girl Issue 02

General Store | Handkerchief 

General Store | Sage Bundle

Hakwood | Flooring

Haley Golden Photography | “We Are Islands” Photograph

Holland & Sherry | Zak & Fox Fabric

John Hanford | Art Hanging

Kinfolk | Notecard, Photograph by Maia Flore

March | Blackcreek Mercantile and Trading Co. Stool

March | Christiane Perrochon Ceramics

March | Henry Dean Glass Vase

March | Hering Berlin Water Glass

March | Michael Verheyden leather coaster

Michaels Installation | Window Covering Installation

Mt Washington Pottery | Table Lamp

Mt Washington Pottery | Vase

New York Heartwoods | Shelf Brackets

NG Collective Studio | Kristen Giorgi Watercolor

Nickey Kehoe | Lounge Chair

Nomad Collective | Taylor O. Thomas Line Drawings

Sawkille Co. | Side Table

Sebastian Parker Furniture | Custom Desk and Shelves 

Sebastian Parker Furniture | Wood Sculptures

Studio Mondine | Floral Arrangements

The Human Condition | Mad et Len Lava Rock Potpourri

The Human Condition | Nordstjerne Small Brass Tray

The Human Condition | Rooted in Mud Ceramic Box

The Human Condition | Wknd La Tassel

Terrabriosa, TBC Plaster | Artisan Plaster Walls, Ceilings


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